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Samsung Foundry

In 2005, Samsung Electronics made the strategic decision to enter an already established logic contract manufacturing marketplace. By concentrating on the advanced process nodes, in ten short years, Our foundry business has grown into one of the premier manufacturers of low-power, high-performance SoCs for the fabless semiconductor industry. With considerable investment in R&D and capacity, Samsung Foundry is poised to continue its leadership position well into the future.

Computing Solutions

Samsung Foundry provides unmatched expertise and innovation to our customers designing performance and computing intensive solutions that are reshaping the industry. Our goal is to be the most trusted foundry supplier in the rapidly AI, Machine Learning, Networking, and Performance market segments.

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Automotive Solutions

Samsung Foundry is playing a huge role in the development of digital cockpit and infotainment automotive applications by delivering next-generation image processing and computer vision features, functions and capabilities.

Connectivity Solutions

Samsung Foundry has a full set of solutions that elevates 5G, Edge and IoT from buzzwords to a force that drives tangible business outcomes. From connected devices and AI to management platforms and an ecosystem of partners, using all of these pieces, we help our customers use connectivity to solve their toughest challenges.

Advanced Packaging Solutions

In this new era of high performance computing and networking, designers are confronted with greater chip integration challenges to meet system-level performance requirements.

I Cube™

I-Cube™ is Samsung’s 2.5D TSV silicon-based inter composer technology that horizontally connects logic devices with HBM (High Bandwidth Memory)

R Cube™

R-Cube™ is Samsung’s low-cost 2.5D TSV-less interposer technology that connects logic to logic and logic with HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) modules by high density RDL (Re Distribution Layer).

H Cube™

H-Cube™ is Samsung’s hybrid substrate interposer technology that has the fine-pitch substrate on top of a module substrate and is for developing large and low-cost packages.

X Cube™

X-Cube™ is Samsung’s 3DIC Wafer-level in technology that stacks dies and wafers using Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology.

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Ecosystem Collaboration

Samsung’s Advanced Foundry Ecosystem, or SAFE™, is a program that enables deep collaboration between the foundry, ecosystem partners, and customers to deliver competitive and robust System-on-Chip (SoC) designs. Customers are also able to take advantage of certified key design components including Process Design Kits (PDKs), reference flows with Design Methodologies (DM), Intellectual Property (IP) and design service support.

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