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Samsung Memory

Pushing the limits of speed and capacity

From solid state drives to DRAM, Samsung offers fast, leading-edge memory solutions that will work seamlessly with your devices.

Built for the age of data

Memory solutions are all around us-in smartphones, computers, cameras, and even automobiles-making it possible for you to work and multitask with ease. They also unlock the next generation of innovative and revolutionary technologies


The World's No. 1 Flash
Memory Brand

Since becoming the world’s No. 1 flash memory brand in 2003, Samsung has added new levels of safety and reliability to data management with one landmark innovation after another.

Take an in-depth look at Samsung’s history of flash memory innovation and examine its ongoing commitment to delivering the highest levels of quality and performance.


Dynamic Random-Access Memory Solutions

Since the first 64Mb DRAM in 1992 until today, we have continuously led the market with generation after generation of product excellence, offering the widest range of world-class solutions as the #1 choice in dynamic random access, or system memory, from mobile and IoT to servers, desktops, laptops and discrete graphics.

See the difference in performance from
Samsung’s advanced memory technology


To meet the demands of next-generation CPUs, DDR5 brings much higher data rates, lower power consumption, and increased density.

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Flash Storage Solutions

Our leadership in flash technology has enabled our NAND Flash Solutions to become the storage media of choice around the globe, whether as embedded storage in smartphones and wearables, or as Solid State Drives enabling thin-and-light laptops and delivering the best in high-performance All-Flash Arrays for the modern data center.

Featuring latest NAND solutions with proven
excellency and constant innovation.

PCIe Gen 4

Samsung has set the standard for high-performance, power-efficient PCIe Gen4 SSDs. With rapid data processing, unmatched reliability, and form factor flexibility, these Gen4 SSDs will speed your innovation time.

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Client SSD

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Data Center SSD

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Enterprise SSD

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V-NAND Technology
in memory production

Pushing limits of capacity expansion

Samsung's revolutionary V-NAND technology uses an innovative design that stacks layers of cells on top of one another rather than trying to decrease the cells' length and width to fit into today's smaller form factors

100+ Layers

Overcome linkage challenges

Our R D experts have been one step ahead of the technological challenges and material requirements to economically build V-NAND as a cutting-edge enabler of the highest order. For our 6th generation of V-NAND, we have introduced a 3-bit, 100+ layer, single stack, 256-gigabit (and now a 512Gb) chip, refined our processes so that V-NAND chip sizes are smaller, require less manufacturing steps.

Opening new doors equivalent to skyscraper storage design.

In moving beyond 100+ to 200+ layers, we are looking to stack our cutting-edge V-NAND skyscrapers on top of one another (separated by an insulation layer). Our commitment to V-NAND will continue to reshape how data is stored in a wealth of applications from HPC, IoT, and 5G to increasingly sophisticated Clouds, as well as the best solid state drivies for enterprise servers and PCs.



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