Samsung Foundry

Powering HPC & Networking Platforms in the Era of AI and 5G

Samsung Foundry high performance solutions for advanced CPU/GPUs, Neural Networks, FPGAs, Memory and Storage Applications

Unmatched Performance Expertise

In an era of accelerated global transformations, we see a dramatic rise in the deployment of AI and 5G technologies to tackle increasingly complex workloads and analytics.

To enable these requirements, enterprise and hyper-scale cloud data centers, communication and networking platforms have become the foundation of our global industries. As such, they need to scale efficiently without compromising compute power, performance, latency, bandwidth, and functionality.

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Samsung Foundry plays an instrumental role in providing unmatched expertise and innovation to our customers designing performance and compute intensive solutions that are reshaping this industry. Our commitment to technology innovation and manufacturing excellence are driven by our goal to become the most trusted foundry supplier in the rapidly evolving Mobile, AI, Networking, Performance and Storage segments. We are committed to providing robust, reliable and innovative technologies that integrate seamlessly to produce next-generation enhanced SOCs and Multi Chip Module platforms.

Our high volume manufacturing capability and commitment to excellence puts us in a unique position to scale our production to meet our customer's demand at all stages of their product life cycle. Our regular investment in new production lines ensures adequate capacity on our advanced EUV nodes.

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