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October 6, 2016

Enabling a More Robust Digital Age

The world is changing faster than most of us realize, and within this state of flux, Samsung Semiconductor has become a purveyor of some of the best electronic components in the world. For example, we now produce memory chips, modules and drives that represent the fastest, densest, most efficient and, in many cases the first to market, for a rapidly expanding digital age.

Lightning Fast

Consumers everywhere are sharing data at lightning fast speeds and with extraordinary frequency — from videos and photographs to personal data, creative musings and medical records, with virtually everything being stored digitally for future reference.

Cisco Systems, in its VNI Global IP Traffic Report (2015-2020) reported that 870 Exabytes of data were transmitted globally last year, with 1,935 Exabytes projected to be exchanged this year, well over double 2015 totals. (As a point of reference, there were only five Exabyte of data between the dawn of civilization and 2003.)

Data: the Digital Currency

Arguably, the most critical components in this digital age have been memory chips and memory-based storage devices. In today’s electronic world, data is the new currency of exchange, and Samsung Semiconductor has become the biggest investor in digital components that encourage data exchange, particularly memory.  We’re not only the leading provider of NAND, SSDs, DRAM and discrete graphics memory, but also the pacesetter for new mobile memories like UFS and LPDDR4 that are accelerating growth along the mobile frontier.

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking in a General Session keynote at the NetApp Insights conference in Las Vegas where I spoke to a highly receptive audience about exactly where Samsung was taking the NAND memory market. At the Flash Memory Summit a couple of months earlier, we opened the eyes of many more with our latest 3D NAND SSDs.


Samsung 512GB BGA NVMe SSD

A True Enabler

Underscoring our initiative to stimulate market growth as much as possible, a few years ago we sparked a huge shift in the industry toward 3D NAND manufacturing and design (now at 64 cell layers). In addition, we’re leading the way with high-capacity SSDs and high-performance storage drives the size of postage stamps, as well as 3-bit NAND manufacturing and even 3D (through silicon via) DRAM production. We have also been enhancing the user experience with the fastest SSDs in the world, the fastest memory for wearables and the fastest mobile memory (LPDDR4).

We’re enabling OEMs to roll out not only more efficient devices, but also positioning them to offer better designs with greater market responsiveness. Becoming the greatest digital enabler in the world takes creative thinking, the willingness to invest heavily in the future and a ‘dare to change’ attitude. We are already banking on an even greater transformation for a more all-encompassing mobile world, as well as much more interconnectivity with appliances and vehicles as the Internet of Things begins to coalesce.

Samsung Semiconductor is committed to continuing to redefine innovation at every opportunity. Let us know what you think of our memory-accentuated sphere of influence, and how this is helping to accelerate everything digital.