The Memory Solutions Lab (MSL) mission is to develop innovative open system architectures and solutions that transform the performance of semiconductor memory in SSDs, mobile devices and data centers.
MSL is comprised of three teams:
  • A research team that is innovating in new data center system architectures, the latest storage architectures, and the most advanced memory technology.
  • A development team that is helping shape the landscape of enterprise storage and the cloud, delivering many "world’s first" flash memory products to major manufacturers, such as the first SSD with NVMe interface. In addition, the team has delivered client software that significantly speeds up and enhances the effectiveness of Samsung SSDs.
  • An ecosystem team that works closely with customers and partners to build complete market solutions.
MSL was established in 2012 and is located in Silicon Valley. The engineering team has extensive experience in data center and memory system architecture with most of our engineers holding degrees from top universities.