The Advanced Systems Lab (ASL) develops start-of-the-art technology for:
  • Novel experimental CMOS image sensors (CIS), including color, 3D, color+3D (RGBZ), LiDAR, and others;
  • Image signal processing (ISP) algorithms for RGB, 3D, LiDAR sensor and cameras;
  • Machine learning (ML) based algorithms for visual recognition, scene analysis and context aware processing; and,
  • Neural processor unit (NPU) architecture design and optimization
With close collaboration with other key Samsung research organizations, ASL has successfully developed a variety of world’s first 3D, color, RGBZ sensors;developed ISP and ML algorithms that expend the application scope and improve the performance of above mentioned sensors; and developed high performance, low power and area efficient NPU architecture for next generation product.

ASL was established in 2008 and is located in Pasadena, California, less than 1 mile away from Caltech's campus. The top talent at the lab has important expertise in analog/mixed-signal/digital CIS design, ISP algorithms, CIS characterization, machine vision, machine learning, image processing firmware and software, and camera design.