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Mountains of data

When you need to move mountains of data - whether for advanced graphics, artificial intelligence or no-compromise servers and data centers - you need Samsung's High Bandwidth Memory. Our innovative HBM technology combines the world's fastest DRAM with up to 410 gigabytes per second of bandwidth in a space-saving and energy-efficient 3D package. This data sheet takes an in-depth look at Samsung's HBM technology.

mountains of data
the hbm ecosystem

The HBM ecosystem

Samsung's High Bandwidth Memory makes quick work of artificial intelligence, Big Data analytics and other high-performance computing tasks. But we cannot do it alone. Together with our strong ecosystem partnerships, Samsung's HBM technology handles the heaviest data loads in a compact, energy-efficient format that's ideal for graphics processors or data centers.

Did you know?

Our latest HBM devices use eight vertically-stacked 8-gigabyte chips connected by up to 40,000 through silicon via (TSV) data paths to create compact, energy-efficient multi-chip packages that are ideal for space-constrained graphics processing units and data centers.

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Did you know?
In the news

In the news

With the world's fastest DRAM and unprecedented bandwidth up to 410 gigabytes per second, and our third-generation HBM2E technology is ready to handle even the most demanding tasks. Since its introduction in June 2016, Samsung has been making headlines with this innovative, new technology.

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