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Intern 2020-2021 - Optical character recognition (OCR) based on deep learning AI/Machine Learning Internship

Location: Paris, France
Job Category: Internship

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2020-2021 - Optical character recognition (OCR) based on deep learning
AI/Machine Learning Internship - Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center - Paris - 6 months
Keywords: machine learning, optical character recognition, deep learning, embedding device, optical music recognition
OCR based on deep learning + application to Music recognition
Text is everywhere, and when we developped new product being able to easily detect/recognize text in the environment is particularly important.
Numerous technology exists to create an OCR system, some of them are fast but not particurlarly accurate, some other are also open (free
software), some of them are based on machine learning and could be trained on specific dataset (for a list of different available software see:
In order to build new product we want to be able to recognize new kind of text or symbols using in-house dataset, in other term we are interested
in system that could be retrained easily on specific symbol dataset.
The intership objective is to developped an OCR system based on deep learning and compare it’s performance (accuracy/speed) to other
More precisely the objectives of the internship are:
State of the art report of OCR system with a focus on limitation of existing systems (Pro-Cons of each), new trends in scientific litterature,
and use of deep learning
Implement an OCR system from scratch based on deep learning, train it on public text dataset
Compare the result to existing systems
Use the same model on music symbol (music sheet dataset) and build an application that can read music sheet and translate it into midifile/
[1] -
[5] - optical music recognition based on neural network
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