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Senior Localization Engineer - Autonomous Delivery Robot

Location: San Jose, California
Job Category: Engineering - Software

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Rare opportunity to implement and deploy a scalable robust localization for an autonomous delivery robot from scratch.

We are seeking a talented, highly motivated engineer to join our Advanced Technology Group (ATG) in Samsung Artificial Intelligence Lab.  (SAIL) on the full stack robotic autonomous mobility team.

Here at the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center (SSIC) it is our job to conceive of and incubate the next $10 Billion in transformative products and services for Samsung.

You will be responsible for creating cutting-edge technologies that can significantly enhance the ability of smart mobile machines to safely and efficiently understand and navigate complex real-world environments.

You will also work on efficient software and hardware implementations on current and/or upcoming Samsung product platforms.

We are a team composed of deep domain experts with strong academic and industrial experience. We make decisions at the speed of a startup and have an exciting end of year goal that will demonstrate industry leading capabilities.

As a Localization Engineer you will help develop state-of-the-art localization & mapping algorithms that will combine data from a variety of sensors and allow an autonomous agent to precisely localize itself in uncertain environments.

You will be working with a cross-functional team of platform integration, localization, motion planning, perception, mapping and prediction engineers.

As part of our team, you will be able to work with partners developing and making use of the next wave of sensing and computing capabilities.

We are looking for a driven individual who is ready to work with a team of the best and brightest at Samsung to develop a technology stack, and product PoC, leading to our next multi-billion dollar market.


  • Work with a team to design, develop and test robust and scalable LIDAR based localization & mapping algorithms (SLAM) for autonomous mobile robots operating in urban environments
  • Develop high-quality software designs that allow for both high-performance and maintainable software 
  • Work with other team members of the Advanced Technology Group to develop a tightly integrated data processing pipeline
  • Perform other duties as necessary for completion of projects and achievement of goals.


  • Ph.D. robotics, computer science, or electrical engineering


  • Proven research and 2 + years development expertise in LIDAR based localization/SLAM
  • Strong background in map based localization, probabilistic filtering (e.g. particle filters), nonlinear optimization (e.g. pose graph optimization) and sensor fusion techniques
  • High level of proficiency developing in C++ (The primary development language for the team)
  • Experience with relevant open-source libraries e.g. PCL, Eigen, ROS, CERES
  • Experience with software engineering tools and Linux environment (e.g., Git, CMake,  gdb, etc)


  • Familiarity with GPU based compute, e.g. using CUDA/OpenCL/OpenVX
  • We will support  publishing at top tier conferences and journals in the field of localization/SLAM
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