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Innovation Product Manager Intern

Location: San Jose, California
Job Category: Internship

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Our Mission: The Samsung Strategy & Innovation Center (SSIC) is Samsung's global network of innovators, technologists, investors, and makers. It was launched in 2013 by the President and Chief Strategy Officer of Samsung Electronics with a mission to incubate and build world-class capabilities for existing and new businesses. Our approach is unique and open, we develop and accelerate groundbreaking technologies by working in collaboration with entrepreneurs and other strategic partners, and through early-stage and growth investments (Catalyst Fund and Samsung Ventures), which are committed to discovering solutions for connected devices. We are headquartered in Menlo Park, CA and have offices in San Jose, Tel Aviv, London, Paris and Seoul.

Location: San Jose.  Samsung@First



  • The product manager intern in the CTO office needs to be able to distill many different ideas and concepts through the ideation process and put together the right set of product insights, business opportunity, competitive landscape and evaluate the minimal viable concept.  This role is ideal for someone with a technical undergraduate degree and is in the process of completing an MBA
  • Has responsibilities to take customer centric view of the ideation project and work through the business opportunities including market opportunity and potential differentiation for Samsung.  The innovation product manager will help drive what a minimum viable solution or MVP and also help determine where the product concept actual goes.  As part of the CTO office team, the product manager will not actually take the products to full production and market availability
  • Delivers the potential business opportunity and map out potential market share, revenue, profit and return on investment.  Being able to identify the overall opportunity for Samsung will be critical
  • Will work closely with an engineering team and technical program managers, and with the strategy team
  • The product manager will also help shape the overall vision and roadmap, help articulate NABC to better understand the opportunity and approach. As part of a broader team, this person will need to work closely with the person or team with the idea or innovation concept to further refine the need and opportunity
  • Manage the business case, identify the value proposition, define the customer experience, and build out the requirements

Required Qualifications:

  • Technical undergraduate degree 
  • MBA candidate


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Couple of years’ experience working in a high tech company
  • Really enjoys learning of new technology areas
  • Passionate about researching and distilling a lot of information
  • Cares about the end user’s experience
  • Enjoys market and competitive research
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